About Me

Photo by MG Miller Photography

Who am I? Well, that’s one secret I’ll never tell. 

Just kidding! Keep Reading. 

My name is Ivy. I am an eighteen year old sophomore and Delta Gamma at Louisiana State University.

I was born and raised in my college town of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I graduated high-school from St. Joseph’s Academy, an all-girls Catholic school.

Yes, I am a sorority girl, but I am so much more than that.

For one, I absolutely love animals! I have three adorable members of my family, my puppies Sterling, Star and my hedgehog Stanley. I love my friends and family even more! Also, music and movies are things that gets me through my days especially my favorite musicians Twenty One Pilots and my all time favorite movie genre: horror, which I’m sure you will hear about both often. I enjoy yoga, meditation and drawing, which is something I’ve fostered through my recovery.

This brings me to one of the biggest parts of my life, I am in recovery from anorexia. I was diagnosed at fifteen and went into treatment several times in high-school. I have since struggled, but I have learned recovery is not linear. I continue to make the choice everyday to be in recovery.

I created this blog to share my life experiences, the things I love and advice, support and education to anyone who will listen. So come and enjoy my tiny part of the internet and discover life with me!