Accepting Your Body Even When You Don’t Accept Your Body

Accepting Your Body Even When You Don't Accept Your Body by Ivy Souter //

In my post today, I want to talk about a post I made on Instagram of my body and explain why I decided to post it.

instagram photo 2

instagram photo

I was inspired by all of the body positive instagrammers: @nourishandeat, @chooselifewarrior, @bodyposipanda, and @molliecampsie and the pictures they post of their bodies. And also other young women on tumblr who were also in recovery from an eating disorder.

I had been wanting to post a body-positive photo similar but I had not been brave enough to post it.

Due to my body image becoming increasingly screwed because of my BDD (body dysmorphic disorder) and my eating disorder, I have not worn a bathing suit, or anything that shows my body for that matter, in two years. So posting this picture was very difficult for me but that is one reason why I did it.

It was therapeutic for me to post it. I am especially self-conscious about my mid-section and that is what I focused on in this photo. Although I’m not in a bikini showing my full body, I am exposing the part of me that I criticize the most.

Although I’m still not happy with the way my body looks, sharing this photo was a step in the direction of accepting my body as it is. Also, I have come a long way in the acceptance of my body. As I said although I don’t fully accept it, I am able to look at myself in the mirror on some days and say “I like the way I look today.”

This post started my involvement in the body positive community and I think that being a part of it will help how I feel about my body. I am so inspired by all of the young women and some men who feel good in their bodies and show those struggling that it is possible to come out of that and be happy with who you are (body and all).

I hope that by posting this picture I was able to help those who are still struggling in the depths of there eating disorder. It is possible to be behavior free. It is possible for you to look at your body and be okay with it. And I will continue to work towards full acceptance of my body and be continually inspired by those in the recovery and body positive community.

What type of things do you guys do to learn to accept your body? 

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Accepting Your Body Even When You Don't Accept Your Body by Ivy Souter //


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