Dealing with Disappointment

Dealing with Disappointment by Ivy Souter //

This post isn’t specific to my eating disorder recovery. It is a more personal post about what is currently going on in my life and how I’ve been coping. It was something I felt was necessary to write about and I just started typing.

I wasn’t planning to publish a post this week, however, an tragic unexpected event changed my plan. 

If you do not already know, my city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and surrounding areas has been hit hard by thunder storms causing record-breaking flooding. People I know have lost everything. My family was blessed. Neither of my homes received any damage and I have been safe throughout the whole tragedy. The only damage my family received was the office where my dad works flooded about two to three feet. It isn’t the best scenario, but seeing so many people struggle around me, I am thankful of how blessed I was in this situation.

Now it’s time to talk about the main part of this post: disappointment.

I am supposed to be starting my first semester of college this coming Monday at Louisiana State University. So being a freshman, I was super excited about beginning this new phase of my life. This week, and the reason I wasn’t planning to write a blog post, was formal Recruitment Week for the sororities at LSU.

I was anticipating an amazing week ending in a celebration with my newfound sisters, but because of the tragedy that hit my hometown, this even was out-of-reach for our area. 

As many others, I don’t do well with unexpected changes in plans. I like to structure my schedule and have everything I write in my planner to happen as I documented it. This situation came has a huge test for the perfectionistic part of me, as well as, the pessimistic part of me.

I was stressed and sad, and I had no control over the situation. 

I was basically having to cope with some of the hardest things for me to deal with. I just wanted answers. I wanted a plan. This didn’t come immediately. I had to struggle through several stressful days, stuck in my house with no where to go because of the flooded streets, running through every nerve-wracking scenario in my head.

It took a moment for me to put things in perspective. 

So many around me had lost so much more than a scheduled Recruitment week. I was truly blessed. I had a warm bed and a roof over my head, my pantry was still full and I still had all the clothes in my closet. I silently told myself that I should be thankful and not take all of these things for granted.

Life happens. Tragedies happen. Change happens. I have to learn to deal with disappointment. 

I’m still in a mopey mood, but I’m feeling better. I am staying positive and classes at LSU are still planned to start on-time. Recruitment has been rescheduled for next Wednesday and I’m still super excited. It isn’t the week I had expected, but I am grateful it is happening.

I am looking forward to a great school-year and can’t wait to meet my sisters in a little over a week! 

If you are looking to help the victims of the flood in Louisiana, here is an article on CNN on how to help. Also, here is a list of organizations that you can assist to provide victims with what they are in need of. Lastly, you can text LAFLOODS to 90999 to make a donation through the American Red Cross.

Dealing with Disappointment by Ivy Souter //


  1. Emily Swanson says:

    It’s so true that we are so blessed, and the more things happen around me the more I realize how each moment is such a gift and that we aren’t promised tomorrow. <3 Praying for those in Louisiana and for God's healing and comfort and restoration.

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