The Power of Positive Affirmations

The Power of Positive Affirmations by Ivy Souter //

I decided to write this post because positive affirmations have been a huge part of my recovery lately. 

Also, I wrote a blog post about positive affirmations on my previous blog and I wanted to write one for my current blog because they are very important to me.

Positive Affirmations are positive phrases that are usually I statements that you say to yourself often to increase self-esteem.

I discovered them the moment I walked walked into my treatment center for the first time taped all over the walls and drawn in colorful marker. I too began to make drawings to put on the walls that eventually migrated to my bathroom mirror connected to my room.

Since being in treatment three times I have come home with a mountain of artistic positive affirmations that I have taped all over my room. Recently, I asked my Instagram followers and Facebook friends (on my personal Facebook) to comment positive things under a photo I posted so I can put sticky notes on my mirror because after a while…they blend in and they no longer do the job that they were meant to do. So now my mirror is newly inspiring! (Even though my wall still has the ones I did in treatment but I’m planning on adding to them.)

Also, my therapist, Brittany, gave me the assignment of saying a list of positive affirmations she wrote for me in front of the mirror twice a day. This has honestly renewed my relationship with positive affirmations. I start and end my day saying them in front of the mirror. I believe that everyone should do this!

At first it’s pretty awkward but I slowly got more comfortable seeing myself in the mirror. My posture and my voice  became more confident.

I am finally starting to believe the things I say, which I never thought would happen.

This task was given to me by my new therapist at the perfect time because I was giving up on positive affirmations because I felt they didn’t help me in my recovery. I found that saying them out loud everyday is the most effective way to use them to assist in my recovery.

Now I can say that they are truly power and effective!

I am so thankful my therapist gave me this assignment and I encourage you to try it out yourself. I am also now committed to changing out my affirmations on my mirror every so often and if you decide to decorate your mirror with them, I also encourage you to do that too.

The Power of Positive Affirmation by Ivy Souter //

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