Why I Refuse to Shop at Urban Outfitters

Why I Refuse to Shop at Urban Outfitters by Ivy Souter // alwaysfullydressedwithasmile.com


This may be a controversial topic and some people may disagree with my opinion on this company. They may also disagree with my decision to boycott buying from their stores, but how I felt about the many controversies surrounding Urban Outfitters and one specific incident that hit too close to home.

I started shopping at Urban Outfitters before my freshman year of high-school and have purchased a few items from there until I was diagnosed with anorexia. 

I was diagnosed the summer between my sophomore and junior year [2014] and it didn’t take me too long to discovery an article of clothing they sold in stores. I did find out about this controversy pretty late as the shirt was pulled from shelves in 2010. The moment I discovered it, I didn’t really care… I was disgusted. I couldn’t support a company that thought it was a good idea to sell a shirt that glamorized an illness that I was tortured by as well as many others and needless to say, ISN,T GLAMOROUS AT ALL. It just baffles my mind that a group of people sat in a meeting a decided that the manufacturing and selling of this shirt was a good idea. What was going through their mind? or Did they not even think about the 30 million people suffering from eating disorders in the United States [a number that keeps rising]? I could honestly rant about this for hours, but all and all it was an ignorant and disturbing situation. Urban Outfitters did pull it from the shelves after much backlash. However, it was so upsetting to me and I ,personally, had to do something.

I decided that no longer supporting the company by purchasing from their store and sharing what they decided to sell in their stores. 

Although that was the hardest one for me to see, it isn’t the only controversial article of clothing Urban Outfitters has tried to sell. In 2014, they also sold a shirt with the word depression silk-screened all-over it. This was eventually pulled as well. Urban outfitters also decided to sell a Kent State sweatshirt that looked eerily like it was bloodstained. This enraged many who believed it was meant to portray the violence that occurred at Kent State in 1970. Most recently in 2016, they sold shampoo labeled Shampoo for Suicidal Hair making light a horrible tragedy.

All of these combined it was obvious to me that Urban Outfitters was no longer a company I could support. 

I have since not bought a single item from their stores. I will continue to standby my decision no matter the many apologies Urban Outfitters CEO decides to make. It happened one time too many.

What is your opinion on the many Urban Outfitters controversies?

Why I Refuse to Shop at Urban Outfitters by Ivy Souter // alwaysfullydressedwithasmile.com


  1. Elissa says:

    Wow, good on you for being thoughtful about your purchases. It is true that we can take a stand about what we believe is important by where we choose to spend our money.

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