Why Setting Goals is the Best Idea Ever

Why Setting Goals is the Best Idea Ever by Ivy Souter // alwaysfullydressedwithasmile.com

I know right now you are probably saying to yourself “What do you mean setting goals? It’s the middle of the year. Aren’t you supposed to set goals before January of the new year.” Since, I’m going into my first semester of college, I still measure my life in school years so, it made sense to me to set goals before the new school year begins.

I believe that setting goals should not just be reserved for the new year, but can be done at anytime. 

Many people set goals at the beginning of the year and never really follow through with them a.k.a. New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t believe in the concept of New Year’s resolutions because maybe around the time the New Year rolls around you aren’t in a place to set goals or be positive. You may be depressed, by mental illness , dealing with a tragedy or another situation that may put you in a negative place. Setting a goal for you may look more like: 1. Get out of bed. 2. Take a shower. 3. Go outside.

If you are in a negative state-of-mind, that’s okay, however, it is not the time for you to be setting [what I would call] “life-changing goals” like be recovered from my mental illness, be the founder of a non-profit organization or start a family. 

On the other side of the coin, don’t put off setting goals either. Life is constantly changing. You will never be able to find a perfect moment in your life to set goals. Recently, I chose to purchase a school planner from Passion Planner which come highly recommended and are great for goal-setting. Also, for each planner purchased one is given to someone who needs it, which is also pretty cool!

Why Setting Goals is the Best Idea Ever by Ivy Souter // alwaysfullydressedwithasmile.com

I sat down and completed my goal-setting inside of my planner also called a Passion Roadmap. I was able to sett my goals for the next three months, the next year, the next three years and for my lifetime. 

Now I am able to clearly see all my goals on a piece of paper to help me keep moving forward towards my dreams!

I also decided to do a fun project with all of the new goals I set: make a vision board. (It’s currently summer and even though it’s almost over, I had too much time on my hands so that was a part of my choice as well.) When I was younger and my mom owned her hair salon, my mom and her team made vision boards. Wanting to be a part of the “group,” I always made one for myself. Back then, my vision board was silly and extravagant. It featured magazine pictures of my current celebrity crushes and the biggest mansions you had ever seen, nevertheless, it served a purpose. I was able to learn the importance of setting goals at a very young age. Eventually, I became too cool for my parents and refused to listen to their advice and I no longer made a board each year.

So, like many other things it took me going through my own struggles and hearing it from someone other than my parents to decide to make one. 

This year I collected magazines [ironically] from my therapists office, nutritionists office, other public places and purchased a few. I also printed a few pictures I found offline because there are only so many pictures of families on my vacation I can use. I cut out everything the way I wanted it and also ran to my local office store and grabbed a large poster-board. Then, I sat down to strategically place everything where I wanted it to be. Yes my perfectionism may have gotten in the way at that time, but I’m still working on it.

If you want to see the finished product you can go to my Instagram to check out the picture I posted on their. 

I’m super excited for the new school year to start. As far as my goals go, I tried my hardest not to overwhelm myself with tons of the things I wanted to accomplish which is what I tend to do. It is my freshman year of college, I will already be overwhelmed enough with all of this newfound independence. So, I chose the one’s most important to me including being stable in recovery, expanding my blog and several goals about college.

I think goals are important, especially in recovery, for several reasons because it is overwhelming to have all of those dreams circling in your head. Putting them into a physical space makes it less daunting. Also, goals are meant to be positive and in recovery you have hard days [just like in life] and seeing the goals you have can make eating that scary dessert on your meal plan a little easier.

Recovery is a priority because in order to accomplish all your other goals, you must be stable in your recovery first. 

So, have some fun, set some goals and DREAM BIG!

I am doing a giveaway on Instagram with Passion Planner and I am giving away a planner to someone. Just click on the picture of my vision board to find out how to enter! 

Why Goal Setting is the Best Idea Ever by Ivy Souter // alwaysfullydressedwithasmile.com

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