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Welcome to My Blog by Ivy Souter // alwaysfullydressed.com

Hello everyone! I am so happy to be posting again!

I recently decided to fork over the cash to start my own self-hosting blog. What is a self-hosting blog you ask?

A blog that I own on my little piece of the internet. I can make a more unique page that’s (of course) much fancier.

It took me some work, but my new blog is ready for viewing and I’m so excited to get started.

You can read more about it on my About Me page, but this blog is going to about my life in recovery. My posts will range from treatment advice, recipes, to my own little rants. I do hope you take the time to explore my new blog and as I keep posting, I will have more to explore.

I really hope that this blog inspires someone to begin their own recovery journey. I know that when I found Jenni Schaefer’s website (linked on my Recovery Resources page),  I was so inspired by her and she gave me hope. In the beginning of my recovery, I needed that hope and, some days, I still need it. I wish that I can give hope to anyone on their journey of recovery. I have to constantly tell myself that even though it has its tough days, life can be beautiful when I started to find beauty in the little things. A hug from a friend or a kiss from my dog could make my day and keep me going forward. And I’m sure Jenni would say the same.

Recovery is hard, but so much better than your eating disorder. And I’m sure right now that little voice is chiming in and saying “She is lying. She knows she wishes she could have me back.” Even though it might take me a second to say this, I absolutely don’t. I feel freer than ever without my eating disorder and I no longer need its demeaning voice. I can handle life on my own. Maybe not with much grace, but I am strong enough to tackle life’s challenges.

I am writing on here to tell you: Recovery is so worth it. No matter how hard it is to keep going, I look to the little things and know that life is beautiful.

I hope you continue to follow me along my journey and find it in you to begin yours.


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  1. Susan Rachal-Atkinson says:

    This is fantastic!!! I wish you much success with your new blog! Your words above are brilliant advice for anyone. Keep up the good work!

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